11 Goals in Seventh Game, Messi Record the Best Starting Record

11 Goals in Seventh Game, Messi Record the Best Starting Record

FC Barcelona’s mainstay striker, Lionel Messi, has a very impressive start at the start of La Liga 2017-2018 season. Until the seventh week of the highest caste of Spanish football, the player with the nickname La Pulga it has scored 11 goals.

This is the best achievement in Messi’s professional career in the Spanish league. Previously, the best record 30-year-old left-handed player is eight goals with the same number of matches, since his debut with Barca in 2004.

Messi scored the goals of Deportivo Alaves goalkeeper (2), Espanyol (3), Eibar (4) and Las Palmas (2). In scoring the goal, Messi did it through 42 shots that 25 of them on target.

In addition to the 11 goals, which made Messi’s total collection of goals in La Liga 360 of 389 matches, he also managed to dedicate three assists to his comrades in the number of matches.

Messi’s best ever carved record is scoring eight goals in La Liga’s first seven games. This is done megabintang origin of Argentina in the 2011-2012 season, 2012-2013 and 2013-2014.

Here’s a list of Messi’s goals in seven La Liga start-ups throughout his career:

2017-2018: 11 goals
2016-2017: 4
2015-2016: 3
2014-2015: 6
2013-2014: 8
2012-2013: 8
2011-2012: 8
2010-2011: 3
2009-2010: 5
2008-2009: 5
2007-2008: 6
2006-2007: 3
2005-2006: 0
2004-2005: 0

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