Hanafi Admits Persegres Suffered Complex Problems

Hanafi Admits Persegres Suffered Complex Problems
Persegres Gresik United needs a lot of extra points to move from the red zone. However, until now their performance has not improved. In the last game contra Persija (4/7/2017) at home, Petrochemical Stadium, club nicknamed Laskar Joko Samudro was only one point.

Just get one point addition is certainly very apprehensive for the team made by Hanafi. Therefore, the results that make them not also moved from the red zone. Persegres Gresik United only pocketed six points from one win, three draws and eight falls.

Persegres points collection exactly the same as Perseru Serui. What distinguishes their position is only the goal difference Perseru better so that Persegres is ranked 17th. While Perseru at number 16 standings.

“Our obstacles are very complex, many, and I can not mention, but we are very optimistic to rise from our current position even though our condition is now very apprehensive,” said Hanafi, Persegres coach, without mentioning the details of the problems faced by his team.

Persegres need many points to survive relegation at the end of the season. You could say they stumbled during this first round. If not immediately clean up, Persegres increasingly difficult to get out of the pinhole.

Especially in the next match against Perseru at Marora Stadium, Serui, Persegres again experienced a player crisis after Goran Gancev certainly can not go down.

Macedonian Stoper was absent in this match as he was working on the extension of the Temporary Stay Permit Card (KITAS). They were threatened home without points.

If it fails again, Persegres Gresik United certainly getting worse. Therefore, Perseru is a direct competitor. “That’s what we’re worried about, we bring players with fewer numbers, 16 people, to Serui,” said Hanafi.

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