Indonesia Vs Cambodia, from Captain Egy to Saddil Failed Penalty

Indonesia Vs Cambodia, from Captain Egy to Saddil Failed Penalty

Indonesia U-19 national team beat Cambodia with a score of 2-0 in friendly matches played at the Patriot Stadium on Wednesday (04/10/2017) night.

Here are the facts that occurred during the course of the game.

1. Captain national team

Egy Maulana Vikri appointed Indra Sjafri to captain U-19 Indonesia national team against Cambodia.

Meanwhile, Rachmat Irianto, who captained Garuda Nusantara in the AFF Cup U-18 did not become a starter in this fight.

2. Goalkeeper

Gianluca Pagliuca Rossy finally downgraded national team coach, Indra Sjfari, to keep the Indonesian national team goal.

In the AFF Cup U-18 last September, he was not taken down once.

3. Blunder Rossy

Goalkeeper U-19 Indonesia made a blunder in the 25th minute that almost made the goal of the national team conceded.

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4. Gold Opportunity

In the 54th minute, Witan Sulaiman fired a shot, but still hit the goalpost.

5. Goals

Indonesian national team U-19 finally scored through M Rafli Mursalim in the 87th minute. Indra Sjafri’s children were winning 1-0.

Egy Maulana Vikri doubled the lead of U-19 Indonesia national team in the 89th minute.

6. Saddil Ramdani

U-19 national team Indonesia to get a penalty kick in the 91st minute. Unfortunately, Saddil Ramdani can not execute a good penalty kick.

7. Red card

Cambodia U-19 national team defender gets a red card in stoppage time.

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