Juventus Reluctant to Release Sandro, Except ..

Juventus Reluctant to Release Sandro, Except ..
Juventus will not want to release Alex Sandro unless Chelsea or Paris Saint Germain submit an offer with a nominal over 70 million Euros Judi Online Terpercaya.

The Brazilian-born left-back has been the target of a bidding war between the two European clubs in the transfer window this summer, with figures coming in at 60 million euros.

According to media, the Bianconeri have decided not to sell it and are more intent on retaining the former Porto star in Turin.

The only exception is if there is an entry offer with a minimum rate of 70 to 75 million Euros.

Meanwhile, Juve asked Alex Sandro to sign a new contract until June 2022, adding his two-year contract today.

More importantly, almost twice his current salary, from 2.8 million Euros per year to 5 million Euros.

Sandro was brought in by Juventus in 2015 from Porto with a dowry of 26 million Euros for five years of service.

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