Reason Allegri No More Like Have Players Like Bonucci

Reason Allegri No More Like Have Players Like Bonucci

Allenatore Juventus, Max Allegri warned his team not to make the mistake of looking for someone like Leonardo Bonucci, because they had to find a tactical balance in the team Bandar Bola.

Juventus themselves will start this season by facing Lazio in the Italian Super Cup match that will be held on this weekend.

“When new players arrive at Juventus, they all have to go through the same journey, realizing the meaning of Juventus and most importantly played every ball is important,” Allegri said in a press conference ahead of the match against Lazio.

“Everyone is past him and young players can learn from more experienced players to understand where they are.”

Then, Allegri also pose about Rodrigo Bentancur who just arrived in the transfer market this summer.

“A very talented, professional and intelligent battler, that’s what matters. I see him in the middle, but he’s playing in the summer because we do not have many other options. ”

Allegri was then also asked about the choice of tactics and which line-up he would play against Lazio. And this is Allegri’s answer.

“I have three or four doubts on the line up, so telling you now is complicated. Gigi Buffon will play! So is Gonzalo Higuain and Paulo Dybala, the rest, we will see. Ok, Mario Mandzukic too. That’s all you get. ”

Not to forget, the journalists also again touched on the departure of Leonardo Bonucci to AC Milan this summer. However, Allegri did not want to be too focused on his former flagship player.

“Bonucci is a great Juventus player, he gives a lot to Juventus, just as Juventus gave him so much. The mistake we should not do is to look for players similar to Bonucci or who play the same way. No way, like asking Stephan Lichtsteiner to play like Dani Alves. Each player is unique and must play with his own strength.

“We changed from three to four in the back based on the characteristics of the players. Experience says that we often start the season with one system and then change it. Not everyone is the same, it takes a while to understand the right balance, “said Allegri. (Source: Italian Football)

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