Roberts: Celtic Wants to Permanenkan Saya

Roberts: Celtic Wants to Permanenkan Saya

Celtic Glasgow Winger Patrick Robert admits that the team intends to mempermanenkan himself from Manchester City.

Even so, all of their bids are denied by The Citizens, with the result that the 20-year-old is optimistic about his future at Etihad Stadium.

“Celtic are trying to get me permanently, but City want to keep me, and they will not let that happen,” the player told reporters.

“It gives him a bit of hope, because it indicates that City has a long-term plan for me. They will let me enjoy myself here, and enjoy my season. ”

“The big picture I want to achieve, is I want to be able to perform as well as possible, and play in the best league in the world. For me, I want to grow every day, and work better with managers. ”

“In football, you will never know what will happen, so I hope my career can go according to my plan.”

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