Ter Stegen has no intention of revenge on Juventus

Ter Stegen has no intention of revenge on Juventus

Barcelona goalkeeper Marc-Andre Ter Stegen admitted that his team did not intend to take revenge on Juventus Sbobet Indonesia.

In last year’s Champions League stage, Juventus eliminated Barcelona in the quarter-finals, with the Bianconeri successfully winning 3-0 on aggregate.

The German goalkeeper considers it a good motivation, ahead of the opening group D match against Juventus later on, but he insists that his team is not revenge with the defeat.

“We do not intend to reply anything,” the goalkeeper told reporters. “Last year was a year ago. We want to focus on this year, and we want to show what we can do. ”

“In our first few games in La Liga, we started the season pretty well. When you do not concede, scoring nine goals, winning three games, you will be happy. ”

“We have an idea, and how to play. We want to win, and we’re not looking for anything else. ”

“We certainly make changes, and adjust everything with the idea of ​​the coach. We want to fill some different spaces, and play the other way.

“But I believe we have a team that is good enough, to be able to play the system. We can change that at any time. “

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