Ventura Asks Italy to Stay Focused

Ventura Asks Italy to Stay Focused

Giampiero Ventura reportedly felt satisfied and can not complain with the achievements that have been passed the Italian national team until now

Where, Italy itself got a lot of criticism related to their poor performance qualified World Cup 2018. Azzuri claimed failed to provide the best game as expected.

And Italy must be willing to be positioned both standings and has certainly played play-offs to get away with the 2018 World Cup final playoffs.

In the last game later, Italy itself will play counter Albania. Ventura asked his squad to calm down and not feel too depressed with all the criticisms addressed to him and the team.

“I’m really calm. I see these youngsters working well since morning and expect improvement compared to the game against Macedonia. We can do more, and much better, “Ventura told local media.

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